How This Blog Will Help You Become A Successful Photographer


Hello, my name is Ben Hartley and welcome to Six Figure Photography.


Four years ago I was a mess. I chose probably three least financially profitable options in life.

1. I had just graduated college with a degree in “Oil Painting”
2. I was trying to raise my own salary in order to work in
full-time college ministry
3. I got married the week my wife graduated from BGSU


Needless to say no one was buying oil paintings in my small midwest college town, I failed to raise the money needed to continue in ministry, and on top of it all I needed to provide for my family!


I was desperate.


One night in the middle of all of this mess, frustration, and fear, my wife reminded me of photography. She told me that the couple events I photographed as favors turned out really well.


I had a friend who ran an immensely successful studio a few cities away. I called him to ask for his advice.


His words would become the single most motivating piece of bull that I have ever heard.


“Don't do it. You will only bring the industry down.”


I chose to take these negative words and turn them into the motivation I needed in order to chase after this dream as hard as I have.


I hustled.


And in two years I built a business that was bringing in six figures profit a year.
But, you see the thing that stuck with me was his last line, “you will only bring the industry down.”


Success for myself was not enough. I was going to bring massive value to the industry and in turn, elevate it.


This is why I created six figure photography, to help you find the abundance that I have found.


Abundance comes from understanding your own self-worth and providing value to everyone you encounter.


Six Figure Photography exists to inspire, empower & challenge photographers towards creating this life of abundance, not just in profits, but in creativity and relationships.


We do this through our weekly podcast, online training modules, and hands-on workshops.


The six core beliefs of a Six-Figure Photographer are

  • Love
    • I believe that People are always more important
  • Confident
    • I believe that success starts with self-worth
  • Doer
    • I believe that you must never stop improving
  • Fearless
    • I believe that you should not allow fears to stop us from daring to think new thoughts, try new things, take risks, fail,
      start again, and be happy – Arianna Huffington
  • Storyteller
    • I believe that everyone’s story deserves to be told, including your own
  • Gift-Giver
    • I believe that the more you give the more you will be blessed


This is vitally important because I predict within the next 5-10 years the photography market for the low to middle end will completely collapse.


Gone are the days of coasting by.


The way that technology keeps improving there will simply be no need for a bride to pay you $1,500 to photograph her wedding when every guest has each angle covered, cameras as good as your own, and near instant access to all of the digital images.


You must either elevate the value you provide and thrive or find yourself looking at an empty calendar wondering where it all went wrong.


Just take a look at what happened at the Chicago Sun-Times!


I am here to help.


If you want to learn how to create a thriving photography business, start by heading over to our free 7 day course.


– Ben