SFPP 23: Answering Questions With Abby Lewis

SFPP 23: Answering Questions With Abby Lewis

We're mixing it up this week!

On today's episode of the Six Figure Photography podcast, I'm bringing on my intern to interview me!

Her name is Abby Lewis and she has been interning with my studio for just over three weeks now.

Abby is in the same position that a lot of you are in. She's in the infancy of her photography business and she's trying to figure out how to turn her passion into a sustainable career.

This episode turned out to be a lot of fun and Abby asks some fantastic questions that I think all photographers will find value in.

What You'll Learn

  • The #1 thing I would do if I moved to a new city and had to start over
  • The core values of my studio and how it shapes everything we do
  • 3 ways you can IMMEDIATELY differentiate yourself from your competition



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