SFPP 17: The Importance Of Web Design With Tonic

SFPP 17: The Importance Of Web Design With Tonic

Your website is often the first touch point your potential clients have with your brand.

Having a website that properly represents YOUR brand and the message you want to communicate is essential to attracting the types of clients you want and repelling the ones you don't.

That's why I invited Jennifer Olmstead and Jeffrey Shipley from Tonic on the podcast today.

Tonic helps photographers creates websites that convey their brand's personality and potential. They do this through their beautiful cocktail inspired designs that have been used by some of the top photographers in the industry.

In this episode, I talk with Jen and Jeff about their design philosophy and what it takes to create a successful website.

SFPP 16: Accounting for Photographers With Trevor McKendrick

SFPP 16: Accounting for Photographers With Trevor McKendrick

In my first year of business, I decided to handle my own taxes.

I didn't make that much money from photography that year and I told myself that I couldn't “afford” an accountant.

This was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and trust me when I say I paid for it later.

Tax season is one of the most stressful times of the year, which is why I'm excited to have Trevor Mckendrick on the show today.

Trevor has a masters in accounting and is a successful entrepreneur having just sold his tech startup for over $500,000 after scaling it to a 1,000,000+ users.

In today's episode, we cover everything a photographer needs to know about accounting and taxes.

SFPP 15: Redefining Busy With Bryan Caporicci

SFPP 15: Redefining Busy With Bryan Caporicci

Have you ever finished your work day and feel like you didn't accomplish anything important?

You know you did work, but it doesn't feel like you made any progress towards your true goals.

Today's guest puts it best when he says, “Don't mistake motion for progress, a rocking horse can be in motion all day long but a rocking horse doesn't move anywhere.”

Who is this wise mystery man?

Bryan Caporicci from Sprouting Photographer!

Bryan is a veteran in the wedding photography industry and hosts his own podcast called Sprouting Photographer, which was named one of the Best of iTunes by Apple in 2014. He's been a speaker at conferences like WPPI, Shutterfest, and the Canada Photo Convention. Recently he launched his own studio software to help photographers improve their workflows and take back some of their time.

In today's episode, we get into what it means to be busy and how photographers should be managing their time to reach their goals.

SFPP 14: Mastering Off-Camera Flash With Zach Gray

SFPP 14: Mastering Off-Camera Flash With Zach Gray

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself in your market is by mastering off-camera flash. It sets your work apart from your competition and allows you to charge premium prices.

That's why I invited Zach Gray on this week's show.

Zach Gray needs no introduction. In the wedding photography world, you'd be hard pressed to find a photographer more knowledgeable about off-camera flash than Zach.

He's a member of the exclusive Sandisk extreme team, has personally instructed over 1200+ photographers through his live workshops, been a regular on CreativeLive, is one of Wescott's top endorsed pros and his work has been featured everywhere from People Magazine to Rangefinder.

In this episode of the SFP podcast, we'll be discussing how to actually go about learning off-camera flash as well as a ton of other valuable advice from one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

SFPP 13: How To Manage Irregular Income With Carrie Smith

SFPP 13: How To Manage Irregular Income With Carrie Smith

Managing money as a photographer can be challenging, especially if you do weddings which is very seasonal.

That's why I brought Carrie Smith on the show today.

Carrie is a financial coach, writer, and the founder of Careful Cents. After paying off all her debts in 2012, she quit her full-time accounting job a year later to pursue entrepreneurship and blogging. Her advice has been featured on The Huffington Post, Glamour magazine, Lifehacker, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and many more.

In this episode of the SFP podcast we'll be discussing how to manage an irregular income as well as how to establish a relationship with your client upfront so getting paid never becomes an issue.