SFPP 05: From Zero To Six Figures With Cole Humphus

SFPP 05: From Zero To Six Figures With Cole Humphus

I'm super excited about today's podcast guest.

This week I sat down with Cole from Cole's Classroom.

Cole is a self taught wedding photographer who hustled his way to the top of one of the most crowded wedding photography markets in the country.

In this episode we talk about how Cole went from having zero experience to building a massively successful wedding photography business and what it took to get there.

But what's interesting about Cole is that he doesn't have just one success story, he has two.

After Cole created a thriving wedding photography company he transitioned to education to help other photographers do the same.

In two years Cole has grown his website from nothing to one of the largest photography communities online and has attracted over 100k+ fans.

What You'll Learn

  • How Cole went from not owning a camera to having a thriving photography business
  • How to compete in a saturated market
  • Why most photographers fail
  • How to use automation to earn more
  • The secret to rapid growth


Make sure you check out Cole's Classroom, there's a ton of great resources on there including free Lightroom presets, tutorials and expert training.

Resources Mentioned
Cole's Classroom
Cole's Classroom Free Lightroom presets
17 Hats
Shoot Flow