SFPP 35: Getting Started With Off-Camera Flash Featuring Justin & Mary

SFPP 35: Getting Started With Off-Camera Flash Featuring Justin & Mary

Have you ever wanted to incorporate off-camera flash into your photography, but felt it was just too overwhelming?

Or maybe you just didn't like the “artificial” look you got when you tried it?

Joining me today on the Six Figure Photography podcast to talk about off-camera flash is Justin & Mary.

Justin & Mary are icons in the wedding photography world.

Throw out the name of a conference and they've probably keynoted at it.

We'll be discussing how to blend ambient light with off-camera flash to make OFC look more natural + provide some practical tips on how to get started learning this skill.

What You'll Learn

  • How Justin & Mary prioritize which marketing activities they pursue
  • Justin & Mary's #1 rule for capturing photos for their clients
  • What the “Alternate Story” of a photo is (and why it's so important to Justin & Mary)
  • The first question you should ask yourself when lighting any scene
  • Why spending 3 minutes on your lighting setup will save you hours of editing
  • The two biggest factors to making your flash look like window light



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