SFPP 31: Getting Started With SEO Featuring Ben Turner

SFPP 31: Getting Started With SEO Featuring Ben Turner

SEO can be a very confusing topic for a lot of photographers.

There's so much outdated and bad information relating to search engine optimization that it's hard to know what you should listen to and what you should ignore.

To help set the record straight I invited Ben Turner on the podcast today.

Ben is a professional SEO who has helped over 500 photographers improve their search rankings over the past 2 years.

On today's episode, Ben and I talk about how search engines work and what photographers can do to increase their visibility online so that they can get more leads.

What You'll Learn

  • How Google calculates who should be on the first page
  • The “backdoor” SEO approach you should be using if you're in a saturated market
  • Ben's strategy to boost online AND offline referrals (at the same time)
  • The 3 SEO sins most photographers make with their websites
  • The simple site tweak Ben makes to get higher conversion rates for his clients
  • What to look for when hiring a SEO company (and the 2 warning signs you should look out for)



Resources Mentioned
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Fuel your Photos Facebook Group (SEO For Photographer)
Pinterest SEO For Photographers (Webinar)
Blogging Course – 4 Video Series on Photographers Blogging For SEO
128 Blogging Ideas For Photographers
Google Trends
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Turner Web Services
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