SFPP 27: Identifying Your “IT” Factor With Nik McArther

SFPP 27: Identifying Your “IT” Factor With Nik McArther

What's your “IT” factor?

Why do people buy from you instead of your competition?

Joining me on the show today is Nik McArther who makes a living helping creatives discover what makes them unique and how to use those unique characteristics to advance in business.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify your “IT” factor
  • What EVERY photographer should be practicing in the mirror
  • The personality test Nik requires all clients take (this is really cool)



Resources Mentioned
Epic Danger Blog
Epic Danger Instagram
How To Fascinate – I contacted this company and they gave me 100 free assessment codes for the SFP community to use! Use code “YOU-SFPP” to take the assessment test for free.

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