Meet HART & Black HART.

The Only 8 Lightroom Presets You'll Ever Need...

There are sound bites that follow you your whole life.

For me, one of those sounds bites came from my English professor on my first day of college.

She said, "There are no great writers, only great re-writers."

This hit me hard the first time I heard it.

I think the same philosophy applies to photography.

No matter how good your original shot is, it usually needs a layer of revision to take it to the next level...

Which is why I created HART & Black HART.

The Hart preset collection is my personal arsenal of in-house Lightroom presets.

I've found that too many presets over promise unrealistic results, had too many options, or simply didn't do what I wanted them to do.

I fixed this problem by developing my own preset system that my studio uses on every single image we shoot.

These presets are designed to give you an on-trend BRANDED look, while still keeping skin tones alive, colors accurate, and a timeless feel that sells.

Why Presets Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Workflow

Your brand needs an identity.

A theme that runs throughout your images.

Presets help to keep your colors, tones, and general aethetic consistant throughout your entire portfolio.

Let's face it.

One of the biggest time sinks in running a photography business is editing your work.

Every hour spent editing is an hour less you have to spend actually growing your business

Presets help speed up your workflow so that you can do more things that move the needle.


On-Trend, Yet Timeless Style

The HART preset collection was designed to be timless so that your photos look as good a decade from now as they do today.

Multiple Camera System Support

All of the HART presets have been designed to support Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Sony camera systems.

How we use HART presets to

Create award winning images + save hours of editing time

Punchy, Bold, True To Life colors and Timeless Tones

HART Preset Bundle

Preset #1 - Paint Kit

On trend, yet timeless, colors that will look good now and 10 years from now.

Preset #2 - FPK

The punch you love with Paint Kit, but with a subtle clean film emulation.

Preset #3 - Freedom

Film aesthetic with slightly muted colors. More of a soft tap instead of the hard punch you get with Paint Kit and FPK.

Preset #4 - Night Painting

The perfect solution to deliverying consistent warm tones and dynamic range while filtering out challenging lighting environments.

Rich Black and Whites That Embrace The Full Dynamic Range

Black HART Preset Bundle

Preset #5 - Onyx

Clean contrast, true B&W that lifts the skin tones to draw attention to your subject.

Preset #6 - Onyx Special

Our secret sauce. A true B&W that directs your viewer's eye to the most import part of your image with our built-in spotlighting technique that expands perceived dynamic range and gives you the freedom to push images farther than ever before.

Preset #7 - Deep Silver

Bold black and whites with a matte finish.

Preset #8 - Deep Silver Special

Everything you love about Deep Silver, but with a built-in spotlighting.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love my presets or they're free

I've purchased presets in the past that have looked beautiful on the sales page, but in actual practice just didn't do it for me...

Unfortunately when that happened I was usually out the money I paid for them.

But that's not how I roll.

Image style is very personal and subjective thing.

While my team and I think HART presets are AMAZING, other photographers may feel like it doesn't match their specific style.

That's why there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Feel safe knowing that if you buy the presets, try them out, and end not liking them you can just email me for a full refund.

Hi there, my name is Ben Hartley and I'm the founder of the Style & Story photography studio as well as Six Figure Photography.

Style & Story is recognized as one of the top 10 studios in the country and continues to be a creative power house in the wedding photography industry.

On this page, you'll find all of my personal presets that I've refined over the past 7 years.

These are the only presets we use on all of our images.

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