SFPP 15: Redefining Busy With Bryan Caporicci

SFPP 15: Redefining Busy With Bryan Caporicci

Have you ever finished your work day and feel like you didn't accomplish anything important?

You know you did work, but it doesn't feel like you made any progress towards your true goals.

Today's guest puts it best when he says, “Don't mistake motion for progress, a rocking horse can be in motion all day long but a rocking horse doesn't move anywhere.”

Who is this wise mystery man?

Bryan Caporicci from Sprouting Photographer!

Bryan is a veteran in the wedding photography industry and hosts his own podcast called Sprouting Photographer, which was named one of the Best of iTunes by Apple in 2014. He's been a speaker at conferences like WPPI, Shutterfest, and the Canada Photo Convention. Recently he launched his own studio software to help photographers improve their workflows and take back some of their time.

In today's episode, we get into what it means to be busy and how photographers should be managing their time to reach their goals.

What You'll Learn

  • What the “lie of busy is”
  • Why Bryan is on a mission to redefine busy
  • The 3 most important areas photographers should put their time for maximum growth
  • Why you need to be aware of the “false rush”
  • The “vacation method” Bryan uses to determine what's important (and what isn't)


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