SFPP 34: The Art Of Selling With GE Masana

SFPP 34: The Art Of Selling With GE Masana

Today's podcast episode is about a 4 letter word in the photography industry, Sales.

I guess that's 5 letters.

Regardless, most photographers shy away from learning how to sell…

…and that's a huge mistake.

Not only are you doing yourself a disservice, but you're doing a disservice to your clients as well.

Joining me to explore this topic further is GE Masana!

GE has written two books on the topic of how to sell photography and we'll be discussing why you have a responsibility to sell to your clients as well as provide some practical tips on how to increase the sales in your photography business.

What You'll Learn

  • The weird thing photographers do when emailing potential clients (stop this immediately)
  • The “jiu jitsu method” GE uses to overcome objections before they even come up
  • What to do when a potential client says “We'll think about it”



Resources Mentioned
Boost Wedding Photography Sales
When They Say That, You Say This!
How to advertise and sell your wedding photography the easy way
Fundy Software

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